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Who we are?

We are Lili Technology. A start-up company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, located in the We Work compound. We had an idea and developed an amazing platform with our business partners to realize this idea. If you need more information, contact us.

How can i start?

Great, we are glad you joined us! What you get are all the tools you need to make sure your enterprise succeeds. This starts with the platform which includes all elements of the enterprise (read here, and link) you also get a referent – a contact person (human only, not a bot) who will accompany you all the way to success. A single person for you to address all your questions to. Your referent will talk to you, understand your needs and act accordingly. In most cases he will solve the problem for you on the spot, and in some cases he will check things out and call you back with solutions. If you need more information, contact us.

How can I earn...

You turn a profit through commissions. Once you finish setting the system up (see link to setup stages) and the enterprise starts working and perform sales on the site, you get a commission on every sale on the site. The height of the commission is a derivative of the price you agreed to purchase the product at and the sale. You need to remember that there are other people turning a profit through commissions.
The Hpos, we as the platform operators, and, of course, the supplier. We charge 7% that includes the defrayal commission. We recommend you allocate 10% to the Hpos and 5-10% to the operating entrepreneur, in accordance to your agreement with the supplier. Of course, the 5-10% of the entrepreneur are from all of the sales via all the Hpos’s, and of all the products of the various suppliers. If you need more information, contact us.

What does Hpo’s mean?

The term refers to “Home Point of Storage”. This is our central idea, which enables us to provide rapid deliveries. To achieve these deliveries we need to storage places to be as close as possible to the client. The closer they are, the shorter the delivery time is. If you need more information, contact us.

How do I set up my Hpos's?

There are several ways to reach the Hpos’s. First, consider their age. At first, we viewed 26-years-old and older as being the right age bracket, but today we think the older ages are most suitable. The Hpos’s candidates are men or women who work from home or who are unemployed. Either their income is insufficient, or else they want to make use of excess space to supplement their income.
The primary way of locating them is by posting on social media or putting out google ads for your area of operations. The second way is to locate them on freelancer sites. If you need more information, contact us.

What does all this have to do with the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is the foundation of our business concept, as it enables us to share storage space and rapidly reach our clients. It enables warehouse and empty room owners to turn a buck and thereby assist us in the recruitment and location of Hpos’s.
The idea of the sharing economy is pooling resources. Just as UBER pools private vehicles, and just as AIRBNB pools available rooms and beds, we pool warehouses and empty rooms. We enable the owners of these warehouses, storage sheds and rooms to turn a profit – perhaps even twice over (both for the storage of items and delivering them if they choose to do so). See more in the sharing economy page. If you need more information, contact us.

Can I only sell one type of items, such as only books?

Absolutely not, and this means that you can develop and expand without limitations. Although your license is limited to a single site, but there is no limitation in this site to the number of categories and items you can offer. You can have a books category from one supplier, a gifts category from a second supplier, and an alcoholic beverages category from a third supplier. What is astounding is that the same Hpos’s you set up for the books category can serve as your warehouses to every single type of product. If you need more information, contact us.

Am I limited in my region of operations?

Not at all. Just as you are not limited to any category of items, you are likewise not limited to any particular region. You can start off in your hometown, set up 50 Hpos’s and then mover on to set up another 50 in the next city and repeat on ad infinitum, until your reach your national borders… and then just keep on going! No limits. If you need more information, contact us.

If the Hpos's prove unable to deliver the goods, what do we do?

No worries. We collaborate with the BRINGG startup – an amazing young company which connects suppliers with delivery companies and the client. For example, in the United States of America, once an order comes in it links between the Hpos’s to the DOORDASH Company, who deliver the product from the Hpos’s directly to the customer. If you need more information, contact us.

Show me the money!

We established a fruitful partnership with one of the most advanced FINTECH companies in the world – Rapyd. It performs several actions for you automatically. It defrays the money on the site, transfers it to your digital wallet and from there to the Hpos’s and to the suppliers. When you register to Rapyd you also provide your bank details and every step of the way you can transfer the money from your electronic wallet directly to your bank account. If you need more information, contact us.

How much of an investment is required to complete the setup?

Basically, no additional investment is required once the platform is acquired. All you need to do is set up the Hpos’s. we will offer you various ways to secure them and your marketing and sales skills will spare you additional expenses (we believe that the moment you have a Hpos’s network set up you will have no problem securing suppliers). If you need more information, contact us.

I am a manufacturer – how does LILI Tech help me?

Lili Tech helps you sell more and make more money. After all, we don’t need to tell you that if you promise you customers delivery within two hours your sales will only grow. So our platform is simply the simplest, most amazing way to create a distribution and delivery array with minimal investment. All you need to do is locate the Hpos’s (see how to organize the Hpos’s network), distribute the products without any pressure to the Hpos’s, upload your products to the site, and begin advertising your guarantee to deliver within two hours. If you need more information, contact us.

• I am an entrepreneur, but not a manufacturer. How does LILI Tech help me?

Excellent, this is what we meant when we said “create a business with no limitations and minimal investment”. See the various business possibilities examples we provided, think about what you want to marker and what you want to sell. We remind you that there are no limits on which items, or how many items, you can advertise on your site (for example, alcohol and books and gifts as well… there is no requirement for your products to be linked in any way). Once you decide which products you want to sell and acquire the platform, you need to start work by identifying and reaching agreements with the suppliers. Our system knows how to handle inventories from different suppliers. If you need more information, contact us.

I have a small cake selling business. How does Lili Tech help me?

Lili Tech will move your business forward to the next level – and you won’t believe how quickly! See business option. If you need more information, contact us.

Is this platform right for anyone?

It is suitable for those who want to set up a business with a small investment and unlimited growth options. It is suitable for entrepreneurs, large and small – including very small. You need to previous experience, since Lilli Tech links you up with a human guide (not a bot) who accompanies you every step of the way. If you need more information, contact us.

Does the platform also perform accounting?

Not at this stage. You need to perform your accounting in parallel on an appropriate program. However, the system does prepare reports that you can use for you accounting purposes. If you need more information, contact us.

I want to start my business from nothing – and I have no experience in E-commerce

Any preexisting knowledge is of course beneficial. However, it is not necessary to operate our platform. All you need is basic internet skills (if you know how to use Facebook or LinkDin or Instagram – you’re all set).
You don’t need advanced E-Commerce knowledge for several reasons

The platform is ready for work – we receive a questionnaire from you and adapt the site to your purposes.

A human guide (not a bot) accompanies every step of the way. In most cases he will resolve any issues you raise on the spot. In others he will look into things and call you up with the solution later. If you need more information, contact us.

What languages does the site operate in?

The basis of the site is in English. However, once you acquire your license we will adapt the language and currency to your target audience in any language. The control system, however, is always in English. If you need more information, contact us.

Warehouse sharing

I don’t understand – how do I turn a profit by sharing my warehouse?

When you have a free warehouse, room or any storage space, you can store products in it. Your profit comes from the products sold from your warehouse, usually a percentage of the product cost. You don’t deal with sales, mind you – just storage. You can also take care of the delivery of the product to the costumer yourself, or via others, and thereby make even more money. You also have the option of using external delivery through our system, contact us.

I want to share and profit – how do I do this?

Very simple – you register here, we verify your email, and then you enter the area where you can fill out the relevant details. Once you have been verified by us, your warehouse is transferred to a list of approved warehouses.
The site owners using our platform, and only them, will search for the location of warehouses in your area, and then and only then will we provide them with your details. They will contact you. We do not transfer your details to others, contact uscontact us..

This business of warehouse sharing – whom does it suit?

It suits whoever has a free storage space in his home, and who spends his time at home, for whatever reason (working from home, retired, or between jobs for whatever reason.). this is your chance to turn a profit without investing, contact us.

Who are the people who will bring me products to my storage place?

Here in Lili Tech we developed a platform of Ecommerce sites with guarantee supplies within two hours. The people who purchase the platforms organize the items they are interested in selling and these product suppliers provide you with the products. Of course, the inventory is managed by them, and you receive early notice for the merchandise which arrives at your storage space. You also sign off and assume responsibility for the products, contact us.

What does all this have to do with the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is pooling of resources. Uber shares private vehicles. Airbnb shares rooms at homes for vacation purposes. DoorDash shares people with bikes… we share warehouses or free rooms in homes in order to provide rapid supplies for the client. The important concept is avoiding unnecessary expenses… see the full sharing economy article, contact us.

Deliver any order within two hours and make people happycontact
Deliver any order within two hours and make people happycontact